51 Ways to Make Yourself Happy!

1. Have your passion as your career. If you are passionate in your career, you are mixing play with work which make your job much more enjoyable.

2. Stay healthy.

3. Participate in community events.

4. Stop worrying.

5. Be thankful.

6. Count your blessings.

7. Exercise regularly.

8. Volunteer in charity work.

9. Provide to those in need.

10. Forgive yourself.

11. Set goals.

12. Celebrate others success.

13. Believe in yourself.

14. Take criticism as a feedback which you can use to improve yourself.

15. Forget about things you are not able to change and focus your energy on things that you can change.

16. Keep stress level low.

17. Compliment others.

18. Dance.

19. Sing.

20. Be patient.

21. Read jokes.

22. Focus on others instead of yourself.

23. Have a hobby.

24. Rest well.

25. Meditate.

26. Make someone else happy.

27. Surround yourself with positive friends.

28. Remove friends who are negative from your life.

29. Learn something new.

30. Have a pet.

31. Smile.

32. Forgive others who hurt you.

33. Do not have high demand for others.

34. Have an appropriate demand for yourself.

35. Be near nature.

36. Watch comedies or cartoons.

37. Build up your self-esteem.

38. Be yourself. Be a 1st rate of yourself instead of a 2nd rate of others. (I cannot remember who said this quote).

39. Be honest to yourself and others.

40. Enjoy the present and forget about the unhappy past.

41. Be assertive. Say no if you really want to say no. It will be better if you are polite when doing this.

42. Repeat daily affirmations to empower yourself.

43. Respect others and respect yourself.

44. Have a religious faith.

45. Take lots of photos and keep them in an album. Looking at photos taken during happy time and with old friends help to refresh happy memories in our mind.

46. Take holidays. Visit countries that you had wished to visit.

47. Do something new. Visit a new cafe or your local tourist attractions that you have not visited before.

48. Buy a small present for yourself. Chocolates, flowers or things that you like.

49. Save money. You will be happier if you do not need worry about the lack of money everyday.

50. Compliment others.

51. If all else fails, watch this video now. It cracked me up, maybe it will do the same to you.

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