Antique Spanish tradition becomes a fashion sensation in Miami

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The name calls for you to be the creator, but there is an actual genius behind each of the unique designs of the BOCUS brand, and her name is Sandra Bienert, a designer, wife, and mother to three kids. A Spaniard that took the ancient art of leather craftsmanship and turned it into a fashion accessories line with a unique story that accompanies every single piece of maroquinerie that comes out of her atelier in a small town in the South East of Spain.
Great ideas come from a clear mind and inner peace. That is precisely what happened to the former marketing executive while on vacation in her native Spain. In the search for something new after pausing from there fast-moving executive days while becoming a mom and the need to go back to using her professional knowledge.  Walking around her town, Sandra met a lady that was creating unique pieces of leather products. Her inquisitive mind went further wanting to find out exactly how they were made and this curious conversation turned into the birth of BOCUS. 
The art of maroquinerie or leather crafting is an ancient tradition in individual countries like Spain. Every nation has its stamp on the autochthonous collections generating an imprint synonymous to the accent, cuisine or culture of the land. Among the outstanding craftwork made in Spain are leather products produced in many regions of the country. The pieces are unique due to the intrinsic detail, quality of materials, exceptional creativity behind every creation. 
Spain has always been a frontrunner in the fashion industry, and together with the marketing experience, business knowledge, genetics straight from two fashion expert parents, Sandra took on the challenge to bring it all to the US. 
BOCUS has become a fashion sensation in her current hometown of Miami. Her bags are truly unique and offer what no other label is doing, a one of a kind piece that no one else will carry with a single story behind the creation. She also offers the ability for the customer to engage with her and create their handbag. An experience hard to find from the designer itself. 


BOCUS bags are very interchangeable,  the various colors, textures, and materials each one has made every piece to be unique.  They are fun to wear with any style of clothing, day or night. The more the clients use them, the more the possibilities. They are comfortable to wear, gorgeous with jeans and casual outfits. Many are excellent as a distinctive touch in somewhat formal or dress up looks too. 
With names like "Blood & Lineage," "Bright Path," "Cosmic garden" or "Fun bridge to clarity"; her particular clients discover & fall in love with their perfect match. They unite with a unique story behind the fashion statement. 


In Sandra's very own words; "They are all one of a kind, so every woman chooses hers for a reason: It reflects something special about her.  It is personal; therefore, she enjoys it and feels great wearing it. She stands out." One thing that every fashion lover wants to do! 


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