Have you done your exercise on #gratitude?

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Once a day, take the time to make a list of all the things you are grateful for. It is one of the best empowerment exercises that you can ever do! Gratitude helps you gain more success in life & happiness. It is a way to thank all the “small” things we take for granted. Yes, there is so much to be grateful for for. Even the air that we breathe, the birds we get to see, the magnificent colors … Read More

So You Want To Be Relevant?

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What is “to be relevant”? Now a days it seems to be the vocabulary word of choice among the younger crowds. The actual definition of relevant is: something that matters, important to the matter at hand, not forgotten. Exactly all of the above is what this young generations are looking for. They want to be important & not forgotten. Now, in which way “not forgotten” or simply what’s the need? Are our youngest generations getting lost in the “cloud”, are … Read More

Teach them GRIT!

How could we fool our very own kids, the people we love the most, into becoming presumptuous, narcissist, unconscious human beings? In the wake of the college scandals, parents need to stop and evaluate the direction they are pushing their kids. -Is this what “I” should be doing? -Am I teaching values such as honesty, self-worth, determination or perseverance? -Am I guiding my kid correctly by coaching she/him to write lists of goals, use their mind in a positive manner, … Read More

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