Celebrating the art of resilience on his birthday!

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Resilience is known to be the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, misfortune or change. These last three words were part of my youngest son’s life during the final months of his past school year. An enthusiastic, happy & smart child that had to live the harrowing & unfair experience of being bullied. A horrendous situation that also hits very hard on the parents.   Somehow society is filled with cookie-cutter individuals. One copy after another of what a person … Read More

We Continue to Collect Donations for Puerto Rico

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 🚨 💔 🇵🇷 Puerto Rico Continues to have a Humanitarian Crisis  ️ Since Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico on September 20th, the island’s 3.4 million residents have been struggling simply to survive. WE STILL NEED YOUR DONATIONS   – PEOPLE ARE HUNGRY- NO DRINKING WATER- PEOPLE ARE SICK & MANY ARE DYING- CHILDREN ARE SUFFERING    WE CONTINUE TO COLLECT DONATIONS IN MIAMI – Please help This is a list of essentials that are most needed: Water Dry Foods Canned Foods Baby Formula … Read More

The Children of Puerto Rico Need Our Help

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🇵🇷🚨💔 FRIENDS IN USA 🇺🇸 As Puerto Rico battles to rise up again, I’d like to call your attention to our kids living at “albergues”, shelters. These children have already been victims in life of way too many things to count. A hurricane like Maria has affected their lives even harder than the rest of the PR residents. They need our help. Here’s a list of the most needed basic supplies: Water Diapers First Aid Kit Batteries (C, D, 6V) … Read More

This is far from over!! PLEASE continue to help!!! 🇵🇷 🙏

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This is an effort of great people from many nations!!! 🌎 ❤️ 🇵🇷 We continue to collect donations for Puerto Rico: • batteries (all types and sizes) • lanterns and flashlights • baby and adult diapers • bottled water • bed linens, towels, blankets • baby and cleaning wipes • first aid kits and OTC medication • scissors and kitchen utensils • gloves • personal hygiene products (for all women, men & children) You can also send a donation via: … Read More

Let’s Help Rebuild Puerto Rico

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🚨 Puerto Rico is in a state of emergency!! 🚨 🇵🇷Puerto Rico has been devastated by the worst storm ever recorded in the country’s history: Hurricane Maria. Today the people of the island need our help!!! Many have lost their homes, the infrastructure of the island has collapsed, there is no electricity and 90% has no drinking water. Many families are not able to communicate with their loved ones, while others have spent the last three days waiting to be … Read More

S.O.S Puerto Rico

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PUERTO RICO IS COMPLETELY DESTROYED!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!! 💔 🇵🇷 🚨 🇵🇷 💔Our little island of Puerto Rico has been hit extremely hard by Hurricane María. The destruction has been catastrophic. The Island is now considered a disaster zone. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and this situation hurts deeply. My fellow Puerto Ricans in the island are suffering greatly. 100% of the island is without power and 90% without drinkable water. The infrastructure of the island is completely destroyed. … Read More

Connecting to a higher-power…Seriously?

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Mentioning connection to a higher power is a polarizing topic. Some people will dismiss it as new-age garbage while others will smile and nod their heads knowingly. I imagine everyone’s attempts and successes at higher source connection will be unique to their belief system. In case you are interested in trying, here are some tips from On The Journey source: How to Connect to Your Higher Power When we plug into the energy of the Universe, we share in the … Read More

What is Yoga?

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1. What is Yoga? The word yoga, from the Sanskrit word yuj means to yoke or bind and is often interpreted as “union” or a method of discipline. A male who practices yoga is called a yogi, a female practitioner, a yogini. The Indian sage Patanjali is believed to have collated the practice of yoga into the Yoga Sutra an estimated 2,000 years ago. The Sutra is a collection of 195 statements that serves as a philosophical guidebook for most … Read More

The Bass Museum

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The Bass is Miami Beach’s contemporary art museum. Focusing on exhibitions of international contemporary art, The Bass presents mid-career and established artists reflecting the spirit and international character of Miami Beach. The Bass seeks to expand the interpretation of contemporary art by incorporating disciplines of contemporary culture, such as design, fashion and architecture, into the exhibition program. Recognized for organizing the first solo museum exhibitions in the United States of international artists such as Erwin Wurm, The Bass also presents … Read More

51 Ways to Make Yourself Happy!

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1. Have your passion as your career. If you are passionate in your career, you are mixing play with work which make your job much more enjoyable. 2. Stay healthy. 3. Participate in community events. 4. Stop worrying. 5. Be thankful. 6. Count your blessings. 7. Exercise regularly. 8. Volunteer in charity work. 9. Provide to those in need. 10. Forgive yourself. 11. Set goals. 12. Celebrate others success. 13. Believe in yourself. 14. Take criticism as a feedback which … Read More

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