Pachamama Bohemian

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Spirited Bohemian at a whole new level!!To discover new & exciting things to share with our readers, I went on a deliberate hunt for the bright, creative and unique minds that offer products, a lifestyle, treatment or service that is out of the norm. So far my search has been fantastic! I am incredibly excited about what’s out there and the more people I meet, the more I appreciate the ability of the human mind to express beauty in a … Read More

Mother’s Day Celebration organized by Club Expats

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This past week more than 80 people gathered at the official residence of the Consul General of Spain in Miami for a spectacular brunch organized by Club Expats to celebrate Mother’s Day. Everything collected during the event was donated to Lilly’s Wellness Foundation, dedicated to helping children with cerebral palsy. We were so kindly received by Carla Cavero, wife of the Consul General of Spain in Miami. The setting for the event was exquisite & the company fantastic along with … Read More

Candy for the soul, healing stones & a goddess behind the magic

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Few people come to this world to share not only their talent but also their loving spirit and even more their gift to heal through the creation of divine beauty. In the process of creating, one takes a piece of her unique essence & crisp personality. Her name is Bobbie van der Vlugt & she is the goddess behind every creation of her spectacular line Musa Jewelry. Bobbie is the precise description of beauty, spark, uniqueness, color & friendliness that … Read More

Challenge Yourself and Get Out Of It!!!!

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Attempting to live a well-rounded spiritual life with regular meditation practice is an uphill battle for any typical woman with children, maybe a husband and a house to run. Even though I am a certified Meditation Master and Holistic Counselor, it doesn’t mean that my life runs smoothly with a perfectly harmonious home without the typical challenges of having to raise three boys. Many times, is CHAOS!!! THERE, I JUST HAD TO BE HONEST! It is great to admire the … Read More

Clear That Clutter… In Your Mind!

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The first step in finding inner peace, living in harmony, and achieving success – while trying to clear your mind – is taking mental breaks. We must recognize that considering mental breaks is the synonym to recharging our brain, our mood, and our emotions. Research on naps, meditation, nature walks, and the habits of exceptional artists and athletes reveals how mental breaks increase productivity, replenish attention, solidify memories and encourage creativity. Are you suffering from mental clutter? Clutter is anything … Read More

Trying To Work It Out

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Why do people usually walk away from arguments wanting to have the last word and hold on to it forever? There is something extraordinarily liberating and powerful that happens when you can humble yourself in front of another person and accept responsibility for your actions. The clearing & cleaning you do to your soul when opening and letting your real self-come out at a point when your ego wants to take over is the key to living your heaven on … Read More

What’s The Purpose?

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Is there a purpose? I think so, and we just must look for it!!! Part of our responsibility in life is to find it and do something for that purpose. The process of finding our goal or reason to “be” in life is part of the journey. We all came with a talent. Do you know what such talent is? Do you know what to do with it? Do you know how to make it grow? It is your responsibility to discover … Read More

Antique Spanish tradition becomes a fashion sensation in Miami

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The name calls for you to be the creator, but there is an actual genius behind each of the unique designs of the BOCUS brand, and her name is Sandra Bienert, a designer, wife, and mother to three kids. A Spaniard that took the ancient art of leather craftsmanship and turned it into a fashion accessories line with a unique story that accompanies every single piece of maroquinerie that comes out of her atelier in a small town in the … Read More

Struggle For Smarts? How Eastern And Western Cultures Tackle Learning

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By Alix Spiegel (source: NPR)In 1979, when Jim Stigler was still a graduate student at the University of Michigan, he went to Japan to research teaching methods and found himself sitting in the back row of a crowded fourth-grade math class. “The teacher was trying to teach the class how to draw three-dimensional cubes on paper,” Stigler explains, “and one kid was just totally having trouble with it. His cube looked all cockeyed, so the teacher said to him, ‘Why … Read More

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