What’s The Purpose?

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Is there a purpose? I think so, and we just must look for it!!! Part of our responsibility in life is to find it and do something for that purpose. The process of finding our goal or reason to “be” in life is part of the journey. We all came with a talent. Do you know what such talent is? Do you know what to do with it? Do you know how to make it grow? It is your responsibility to discover … Read More

Antique Spanish tradition becomes a fashion sensation in Miami

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The name calls for you to be the creator, but there is an actual genius behind each of the unique designs of the BOCUS brand, and her name is Sandra Bienert, a designer, wife, and mother to three kids. A Spaniard that took the ancient art of leather craftsmanship and turned it into a fashion accessories line with a unique story that accompanies every single piece of maroquinerie that comes out of her atelier in a small town in the … Read More

Struggle For Smarts? How Eastern And Western Cultures Tackle Learning

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By Alix Spiegel (source: NPR)In 1979, when Jim Stigler was still a graduate student at the University of Michigan, he went to Japan to research teaching methods and found himself sitting in the back row of a crowded fourth-grade math class. “The teacher was trying to teach the class how to draw three-dimensional cubes on paper,” Stigler explains, “and one kid was just totally having trouble with it. His cube looked all cockeyed, so the teacher said to him, ‘Why … Read More

Changing your life’s purpose to change the world

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“TEACHING VALUES, CHANGED MY LIFE!”A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to participate in a spectacular forum organized by my son’s school on 21st Century Education. I had no idea which type of education this 21st Century was, but I was quite curious about it and wasn’t going to miss it. The panel was composed of four amazing professionals ranging from a pediatrician to a pathologist all the way to an expert on child development. The perfect group … Read More

Go Deep

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Most of us overthink events in our lives, people’s opinions, local and global events and what goes on with celebrities’ lives. We spend way too much time thinking about outside matters…  When we are always thinking about what is happening on the surface of life, the visible, we are living a very shallow experience. Deep down inside there is a voice, a longing, a calling to find out who we are and what our purpose here is… It is our … Read More

“Why I made this trip? A question of spirit!” -By Matt Aitchinson

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I found this beautiful story on Facebook and I want to share it with all of you. Here it goes: This concludes my trip to Puerto Rico, one of the most incredible trips of my life. It sang a more somber tune than excursions I’ve taken in the past, but its impact on me personally will last forever. I regrettably have not volunteered much in my life, but this venture made more sense than any vacation I’ve ever taken. Many … Read More

Celebrating the art of resilience on his birthday!

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Resilience is known to be the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, misfortune or change. These last three words were part of my youngest son’s life during the final months of his past school year. An enthusiastic, happy & smart child that had to live the harrowing & unfair experience of being bullied. A horrendous situation that also hits very hard on the parents.   Somehow society is filled with cookie-cutter individuals. One copy after another of what a person … Read More

We Continue to Collect Donations for Puerto Rico

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 ???? ???? ???????? Puerto Rico Continues to have a Humanitarian Crisis  ️ Since Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico on September 20th, the island’s 3.4 million residents have been struggling simply to survive. WE STILL NEED YOUR DONATIONS   – PEOPLE ARE HUNGRY- NO DRINKING WATER- PEOPLE ARE SICK & MANY ARE DYING- CHILDREN ARE SUFFERING    WE CONTINUE TO COLLECT DONATIONS IN MIAMI – Please help This is a list of essentials that are most needed: Water Dry Foods Canned Foods Baby Formula … Read More

The Children of Puerto Rico Need Our Help

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???????????????? FRIENDS IN USA ???????? As Puerto Rico battles to rise up again, I’d like to call your attention to our kids living at “albergues”, shelters. These children have already been victims in life of way too many things to count. A hurricane like Maria has affected their lives even harder than the rest of the PR residents. They need our help. Here’s a list of the most needed basic supplies: Water Diapers First Aid Kit Batteries (C, D, 6V) … Read More

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