Challenge Yourself and Get Out Of It!!!!

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Attempting to live a well-rounded spiritual life with regular meditation practice is an uphill battle for any typical woman with children, maybe a husband and a house to run.

Even though I am a certified Meditation Master and Holistic Counselor, it doesn't mean that my life runs smoothly with a perfectly harmonious home without the typical challenges of having to raise three boys. Many times, is CHAOS!!!


It is great to admire the gurus and monks that have given their lives to meditation 24 hours a day in lots of silence. It is also impressive to see the new spiritual stars on TV these days. They are single, have no live-in partners, no children, and all the free time in the world to sit down in complete silence, with NO distractions or zero screaming to meditate, live in harmony, have peace around the house, and preach about living a spiritual life.

What is hard is living a spiritual life of harmony and meditation like most women with the complete opposite situation. Lots of distractions, kids screaming in the background, multitasking, and trying not to lose it along the way. Let´s not forget about looking beautiful along the way.

In my case, I am in the car most of the day visiting clients or doing interviews. At 3pm I pick up the kids from school. I bolt home to follow up with children´s tasks. Then manage sports schedules, dinner time, showers, calendars, emotional situations, discipline tactics, pep talks, prepare for the next morning, welcome my husband with a crooked smile while trying to look like a "goddess", go out when needed, bedtime and a little more strategizing before everyone is sleeping.

No wonder most of the moms that I know tell me that it is impossible for them to meditate and disconnect! If I didn't know better, I would think the same way.

However, I must confess that without my meditation...I would not be able to survive!!
Therefore, it is my duty to entice you to THE BUSY MOM GUIDE TO MEDITATION.

It is time to make meditation a daily priority and you can fit it in your regular schedule.

It is the way I do it, and it is what will keep you mentally alert & in place, with a clear mind, less chatter and a clutter-free mind to help me make critical daily decisions that can affect everyone in our family.

It will be a your21-day program where every day you can explore a new aspect of meditation to incorporate in your daily life. Also, you will be able to share it with your husband and children with hopes that slowly, but inevitably you will create some peace and harmony in your home.

Are you ready for a challenge?

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