Giving thanks for the adventures life provides

Giving thanks each and every single day for the adventures that life has provided!! From the parents the Universe aligned me with, to the sister I have, the caring husband & my three boys that are truly special each in their own magnificent way!

Each & every day I receive clear clues that this is what I have created! That the Universe that lives within me manifest in the life I’m experiencing.

Everything in its own mystery, yet so transparent that takes my breath away! Looking back, it even feels like many lives within one. Many lives with their own lessons, happiness, sadness & amazing experiences. 

Yes, I have to be grateful for the love I’ve received, the people I’ve met along the way, the friends that have brought so much happiness & on occasion sorrow to my life, the beauty around me, the possibilities of giving my best to others & learning from mistakes to never do them again. The chances to see the beauty of this world & the excitement of the dreams & goals I still need to attain.

It’s been a lot so far…still looking forward to much more!!! & always… ….start from Within


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