Go Deep

Most of us overthink events in our lives, people's opinions, local and global events and what goes on with celebrities' lives. We spend way too much time thinking about outside matters...  When we are always thinking about what is happening on the surface of life, the visible, we are living a very shallow experience.

Deep down inside there is a voice, a longing, a calling to find out who we are and what our purpose here is... It is our heart, reminding us to visit, explore, and express ourselves' depths.

Going deep and connecting with your deepest self requires time spent in solitude, some periods of introversion and a conversation with ourselves. How on earth will we ever see what is in our heart if we don't dive deep inside, switch on the light and look?

For many, it seems impossible to take the time to stay in silence. However, it only takes five minutes a day to begin. The separation from the loud noises outside of us is as healthy or even more than eating your best and exercising every day. Finding time to disconnect from the outside world and connect with the most intelligent force of your inner-self with entirely worth it and absolutely powerful. 

People that take the time to disconnect will tell you that it changes everything in life. It turns the way you see the world, the way you interact & the way you want to do things. What is it that they experience? Pure, genuine beauty and truth.

Our inner self is there, waiting for us to return. Waiting to welcome us and to introduce ourselves to yourself. Take the time to connect with your most meaningful superpower.

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