Peace is not the absence of conflict.

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It’s always important in life to take time to analyze where we stand in our ability to cope with situations.

Do we explode and allow emotions to take over us or are we able to moderate ourselves even in the worst of times?

In my personal case, this is where I’ve found that meditation has helped me most. I’ve had to deal with serious difficult times & I’ve seen the peace inside to cope.

Unfortunately, my mom was diagnosed a couple of years ago with a stage four brain cancer. It was the worse experience I’ve had to deal with. It was a time of sorrow, of confusion, severe sadness & yes, desperation.

Even though knowing that the prognosis was terrible, you hold on to every thread of hope for a cure. It was seven long months of searching for treatments, alternative protocols & doing everything possible to make it disappear.

Stress & anxiety could have taken over, but with the ability to cope with peace, I was able to focus on the present moment to manage, fly every month to see my mom, spend quality time with her & understand that the time was limited & the clock was ticking.

In the process, with peace, I was able to see that the time was coming, that nothing is forever & that my mom had fulfilled her time on this plane. It all came with peace, awareness & a divine ability to cope.

We all need to have the ability to cope because not all experiences come with an easy way out. Some are extremely painful & we absolutely need peace on our hearts to carry on. Make sure you find yours. …start from Within


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