So You Want To Be Relevant?

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What is “to be relevant”?

Now a days it seems to be the vocabulary word of choice among the younger crowds.

The actual definition of relevant is: something that matters, important to the matter at hand, not forgotten.

Exactly all of the above is what this young generations are looking for. They want to be important & not forgotten. Now, in which way “not forgotten” or simply what’s the need?

Are our youngest generations getting lost in the “cloud”, are we failing them as adults or do they really want to do something that matters?

We need to analyze the three possibilities.

1- Getting lost in the “cloud.”: This could most certainly be a perception they have created based on the fact that everyone can be “popular” or a “celebrity.” Everyone can be famous whether they have done something outstanding based on merit or simply looking good on camera. They are comparing themselves to their peers, which now encompass the entire world. Yes, too many people to compare too!! It’s a vast connection to everyone out there and kids can definitely feel #lost and create this emptiness where they perceive that “no one” is paying attention to them.

2- Failing as adults: We are failing by not adapting, understanding or relating to the new forms of music, elevated ideas on openness & evolving generations that are moving extremely fast for most adults. It is absolutely different to the ’80s & ’90s, but we must create a bond, open our minds and understand that every generation comes with amazing discoveries & creations!

3- Do something that matters: This is where we need to inspire them to be #outstanding human beings!! It is our responsibility to inspire them by guiding them to create goal lists, vision boards, expand their conscious possibility to do better than us!!! We must stop nagging and begin to inspire!! We must be motivators.

These young generations came with a purpose. I believe that they not only came to advance our world in so many capacities, but also to develop kindness, compassion, respect & tolerance towards others.

Our job is to sit with them and provide tools to move them into fulfilling their purpose, at the same time letting them know that they are deeply loved, accepted & amazed by their infinite possibilities!!!

…start from Within

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