Trying To Work It Out

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Why do people usually walk away from arguments wanting to have the last word and hold on to it forever?

There is something extraordinarily liberating and powerful that happens when you can humble yourself in front of another person and accept responsibility for your actions. The clearing & cleaning you do to your soul when opening and letting your real self-come out at a point when your ego wants to take over is the key to living your heaven on earth.

After all the only way to live in heaven is by creating it ourselves. It is our given chance to live the best way we can, and I don't mean with material things. I suggest creating heaven inside of us, in our hearts where we feel honest with ourselves and sincere with the people around us.

How do we strip ourselves down from all the layers of dirt that cover us and prevent us from showing our real self?

Only daily practice will do it.
Searching inside of us and building a relationship with ourselves that will help us accept who we are with all our strengths & weaknesses, our loses & achievements, our individuality& our mediocrity.

We all have extraordinary things to offer, but only if they come from our pure essence, no ego involved, no benefit to attain.

When we operate out of our honest self, we avoid confrontation, even if the battle comes for us. We then think better, we express out of our pure heart and we open the road to new opportunities, new achievements, further success.

An argument can become an opportunity to further our lessons, build new relationships or accept if it's time to move away. In the heartache, many things can come out to the light especially if we perform out of our authentic self.

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