What’s The Purpose?

Is there a purpose?

I think so, and we just must look for it!!!
Part of our responsibility in life is to find it and do something for that purpose.
The process of finding our goal or reason to "be" in life is part of the journey.

We all came with a talent.

Do you know what such talent is?
Do you know what to do with it?
Do you know how to make it grow?

It is your responsibility to discover it and do something about it.

Why is it so important?
When we find a purpose, we act from our pure self for the benefit of fulfilling such endeavor. 


I wanted to find a way to communicate better with the people I reach; through the intention, I achieved "my purpose." I did it by changing everything on my website. The look, the name, the reason to be and finding a new meaning to why I communicate. 

I initially started the website to talk about finding peace in life through meditation, creating a better environment for yourself and living in harmony. Although these can be achieved with practice, not everyone is ready to take the time to do it. Yes, it is a practice, and like going to the gym, you need to be able to make time.

Also, my opinion on this subject is very personal and tied to my own experience.
Sometimes people do not want to hear about what happened to you or yes?! It can sound arrogant to some people and frankly at times annoying. 

I still believe that meditation is a holy word and it's the beginning of healing for humanity, but that is my opinion and maybe the majority of people have a different one.

Meditation is not a magic pill you take one time and all your self will be healed. 

Therefore, in the process of accepting, learning, understanding and relating I chose to share the story of many other people that are dedicating their time to a PURPOSE for the great benefit of humanity.  In the process, I needed to find a new purpose & Culture10 came to life!

Even though I have a significant purpose as a mom raising three boys the best possible way, be a happy wife, good sister, and daughter; every day I need to have a purpose as an individual!!!

I know that if I have one, my life has a significant meaning that is unique to myself and makes me different than the person next to me. Therefore, I have a purpose in life!

To be honest, I don't know the exact reason we came to planet Earth. However, I do feel that we must have come to create and do something productive with each of our minds. After all, it is the only instrument that makes us different, unique, exciting, special and unusual beings!

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